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Why Homework Should Be Banned: 2-Perspective – Favour & Against!

Many seen in favor of the homework system in schools or colleges, while a lot is disagree with this whole mechanism of making homework compulsory. What’s your take on Why homework should be banned?

With different research, the viewpoint is different on this burning topic. However, this turbulence creates confusion on deciding factor – whether to favor or not the homework trend in our educational institutes.

Let’s make this confusion vanish by understanding the core of homework and its purpose, of course.

The general perspective that remains in favor of homework states that the practice of giving homework to a student is for making his educational journey speedy, and lubricant. They also say that homework is a reflection of what a student has studied in 4 or so hours in the classroom. On the basis of class teachings, a student is given homework which helps to understand the concept much easier and with practice alongside.

However, those who deny the importance of giving homework say that it is an energy sucker practice for a child. They often claim that homework given in abundance affects a child’s behavior, health, and overall development.

In fact, an overdose of homework leads to opposite effects – students start feeling anxious and forget what’s being learned in the classroom.

Why homework should be banned?

Homework is important. It is an activity that helps in remembering the studied concept. But, it can be fatal or can hold reversing impact when it is given in abundance. A student remains mindful all the time within the school, coaching institutes, etc. In this, giving homework that doesn’t connect to the current study can lead to abnormalities for a child.

Also, health and mind gets affected when involved in a particular activity for so long. Heath is essential and without it the essence of everything is faded. Therefore, there is a strong recommendation to abolish this system to have given more freedom to the students.

In the coming section, we will be taking both YES or NO for Homework for students. This will unveil the real reasons behind each side. Have a look!


Here, those who support homework for educational institutions give their reasons for supporting it. Also, they point out how homework is grade scoring and a vital source of revising what a student studied inside the classroom. Let’s have a look at them.

Point 1: Homework is Practice:

According to some, students tend to be lazy. They often avoid doing their regular tasks such as revising the work, understanding the concept at home, etc. They also say that this negligence of students often leads to forgetting the concepts overall. Therefore, homework is essential – it keeps students disciplined and in the lane of learning even at home.

Point 2: Additional Time to study:

Most people point out the other aspects of being homework compulsory: students can get additional time for their studies. According to them, students remain in school for 5 to 6 hours and only receive a little in studies. While it is worth keeping additional hours to fully focus on the concepts.

Point 3: Fulfills time criteria for learning: 

Students need time to fit something new into their minds. It is often seen that those who give additional time on the concepts or chapters studied a few hours ago can more deeply understand the subject than other students. Also, after a concept is taught, there’s a need for immediate revision which enhances the possibility of remembering things for a long period of time. Hence, people favor homework practice.

Point 4: Make students independent: 

According to people who yes to homework, the practice of homework is also a building of independency within a child. Independence is a needful character that one needs not in schools or colleges; but in the workplace as well. Therefore, the more a student remains alone and does his work solely, there is higher the chance that he’ll be a responsible human being in the future.

Point 5: Help manage things on time: 

Some believe a student has to learn how the task is completed within the deadline. Also, this habit will make them ahead in the race of completing the work before the time given. Additionally, it will help students to excel in life.


After the view of people who favor homework activity, it’s time to be familiar with why people stand against it. Is it really not that beneficial? Let’s have a look at their claims.

Point 1: Exhausting activity: 

People opposing the concept of homework claim – the concept of homework are to exhaust students.

A Student spends most of his time in school and when he comes back there is no other activity despite the homework. It makes the student puffed. It is also an unnecessary activity, according to people.

Point 2: Pile of homework sheets: 

Although the students should get familiar with the revision and all, they are often suppressed by the burden of extra homework. This pile of sheets is disastrous for a child’s creativity and development. Since the age of a student is to explore, there has to be as less burden as possible on him.

Point 3: There’s no ‘ME’ time: 

Being surrounded by lots of work, it becomes a difficult task for a student to take out some time for himself. As a result, they often get anxious, disturbed, and depressed in everything they do.

Spending time with ourselves is crucial in today’s scenario. This is the biggest reason why people oppose homework in schools or colleges.

Point 4: Less time spending with members: 

A student is never free from the burden of homework. He wakes up and leaves for school. He comes back and sits for his homework. Moreover, he has to go to the tuition. All these practices cut a student from social interactions, even from family members. As a result, the relationship among family members becomes brutal and sometimes is out of control.

Point 5: Inculcation of cheating: 

Under the pressure of homework completion, students fear and start adopting practices like cheating. They are incapable of doing what they are given within the time. This leads to the formation of a new child that is not confident, not independent, and not in his senses perfectly.

Ultimately, this attitude can ruin the life of a student rather than benefit him.


There is this trend of questioning in education arena that Why homework should be banned? The answer is – homework is someway harming a student rather than given the benefits. This is happening when the educational institutes focus more on their publicity than thinking about a student’s overall development.

Read this write-up to find dual views on homework given in school or colleges.