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How Does Our Word Counter Tool Work?

Using our word countertool isn’t different. Hence, students love using our word counter and like to resort to us all the time.

Here is how our word counter works:

Copy and Paste Words

It’s easier to read the word count on our tool than on google docs. Hence, copy your lines and paste them into our tool.

Auto-save Your Doc

Auto-save feature of our Word and character counter will save your documents. Hence, you can return to your document and check your word count.

Help you Optimize Your Assignment

Apart from telling you the exact word count, our tools also help you optimize your content. For example, our word counter will tell you if you use one word unnecessarily. So, rather than read word count in MS Word, use our expert tools and submit an accurate paper.

Why Are Word Counter Tool and Character Counter so Useful?

Assignmenthelpro.com’s word counter tool is the best in town. Hence, students find it extremely useful to use our tools.

Here’s why word counter tools are so essential for students:

Help you Maintain Word Count

You can use our word counter tool for free to maintain your word count. Hence, now you can maintain an exact word count and submit neat assignments.

Help You Count Paragraphs Accurately

Apart from helping students to count their words, our word count and paragraph cutter also allow you to count paragraphs. Thus, if you write larger paragraphs, our tool will ask you to cut and make them short.

Help You Count Characters

Our word counter also helps you to count characters better than Microsoft Word. Hence, you can count your words, paragraphs, and characters when using our tool.

How is Our Word Counter Tool different from Other Word Counters?

Our word counter tool is way different from other websites. For example, anyone can use our tools whenever they want to.

Here are some factors that make our word counter better than any Chinese counter tool:

Anyone Can Use this Tool

From teachers to students, anyone can use our content word count tool. Thus, if you’re a student, you can use our tool to write a paper of the exact length. And as a teacher, you can use this tool to learn whether your student has maintained the correct word count.

All in One Space

Our word counter tool for Chrome is a one-stop shop for everyone. For example, one can know how many words, characters, and new words you’ve written.

What are the Features of our Word Counter Tool?

Assignmenthelpro.com’s word counter tool has top-notch features that no one can ignore. That’s why students love using our services more than any other tool.

Here are some exciting features of our word counters:

  • Our website word counter tool is free, so there is no charge
  • You can use our accurate word counter tool on any platform; PDF, Google Docs, and MS Word
  • Use our word counter tool is unlimited. So, check your document as many times as you want


Are Your Word Counter Tools Free?

Yes, our word counter tool is free. So you don’t have to spend a single for our services. Hence, wait no more and start availing of our tool. Moreover, our tool is unlimited, so you can use it as much as you want.

Will Your Word Counters Be Useful for Me?

Our tool is robust and can be very useful to you. So you can start using our word counter tool whenever you want; no one will stop you. Best of Luck!

Can I use your Word Counters Whenever I want?

Our word counter is accessible 24/7. So, you can use it whenever you want and no matter how many times you want. Moreover, our tools have several features which you’ll love. So, start using our tools now.

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