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Free online character and word count tool

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We offer Word Count Facility to check the overall text size within a paragraph. Word Counter helps find several words and the characters used in a text. It is beneficial when you want to analyze the text size received from our assignment services. You can cross-check whether the numbers of words are sufficient with the help of the word counter tool. Furthermore, word count helps writers know better about the text, its length, the number of characters used, and so on. The word counter tool is an additional help to create valuable content by keeping the limit in mind. It enhances the work and provides the work with sufficient requirements. With this Word Counter Tool, you can check the content even if it is written on another document platform such as google docs, MS Word, etc. To do so, copy the entire text and paste it here. As it is pasted, you can now count the words and characters in it.

This tool is free to use. All you need is to put the cursor within the Word Count Box and start writing or pasting the text you have copied from other places.

The moment you do it, you will come up with the number of characters used words used in it. This you can see either in the bottom or on the other side of the box.

Features of Word Checker Tool

The use of the Word Counter Tool is too much easy. You need no expertise to use it; tap the inside box, initiate writing, paste the copied content, and see the word limit.

Using Word Counter Tool is not time-consuming; however, it is more time-efficient as it provides a word limit quickly.