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How to Draft a Research Proposal To Get Perfect Grades?

Nobody can teach you how to draft a research paper proposal. That’s because writing a research paper proposal is all about loving your subject of study, observation, and hard work.

However, I can guide you with some tips about what to do when drafting your paper. So, let’s get ahead and start unfolding the secrets of drafting research papers.

But before you move on to the prime segment, let’s shed a little light on the meaning of the research proposal.

What Is a Research Paper Proposal?

A research proposal details your research process and how you will present your learning outcomes. In your proposal, you also mention the necessity of your research at this juncture of your education.

Therefore, it helps your professors to understand whether the path you’re opting for in your research is correct.

Now that this question is out of sight let’s get going and help you find the essence of writing a research proposal.

What Are the Five 5 Steps in Writing a Proposal Paper?

Now, it’s finally the time to answer the question of the hour: how to draft a research proposal.

Yes, find the answer to this question in 5 steps and write a flawless paper:

1. Find and Select Your Suitable Topic

Once you get the question card, you will find several relevant topics. Amidst those, you must find the topic that you feel is most suited for you.

After deciding on the topic, use the internet, university library, course materials, and external journals to find how much work has been done on this topic. And make their end your beginning.

2. State the Question of your Research

Once the research topic is set and you have decided where you will start, it’s time to find out the research question.

For this, read your course materials and topic multiple times and find the missing pieces you can connect. Make that missing piece your question, and finding the answer is your research aim.

3. Review the Literature Thoroughly

Now, it’s time to review every piece of literature in detail and find evidence for and against your research. Use your course material, online journals, articles, and external research papers for the literature review to find relevant points.

In the proposal, state the types of literature you will use for your research and their importance. And don’t forget to mention the types of literature you are going to use for the process.

4. What Design Are You Going to Follow

This part is pretty simple! Here, discuss the research pattern and design you’re going to follow and how it will help you.

However, no matter how simple it is to write, don’t forget to mention the reason behind your decision. Otherwise, your professors might not like it and discard it completely.

5. Now Revise the Paper & Submit

In the final step, conclude your proposal and mention the expected outcome. After concluding the paper, revise it thoroughly and start editing where necessary.

Finally, once everything is done, mail it to your professor and relax. You have done your bit; now it’s their time to review your paper and revert.

And don’t worry; if you follow this structure, your professors will appreciate your paper sincerely.


If you know what you are studying, finding out how to Draft a research proposal will not be a big deal. Focus on your study material and start early so you don’t have face submission blues. Stay hydrated, and YOU CAN DO IT!


How do you write a first draft of a research proposal?

For the first draft of your research proposal, you must write:

  • The problem due to which you’ve decided to write the paper.
  • Background of your research and set the context.
  • Next, discuss the literature that helped you complete your research
  • After that, discuss the objectives of your research
  • Finally, state the method of research you will use for the paper and draw the conclusion.

What are the five 5 steps in writing a proposal paper?

The five steps of writing a proposal paper are:

  • The objective of the paper
  • The problem at hand
  • Reviewing the literature
  • Discuss your methods clearly and concisely
  • How much budget and time do you require for your project
  • Draw the conclusion

What does it mean to draft a research proposal?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that authors work on why their topic is relevant to the subject. And to prove their words, they thoroughly researched the topic.

What are the six elements of a research proposal?

The 6 primary elements of a research proposal are:

  • Objectives
  • Reasons
  • Questions
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Conclusion