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Economics Research Topics for Every Student

Economics is an extensive area of study with many branches. An important task of students pursuing this field is to create a research paper. To do so, you must find interesting economics research topics. As economics is an ever-evolving field, there are plenty of areas to study. You will find lots of them in microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, econometrics, finance, and the like.

If you have been sweating over finding a simple and interesting economics topic, this article will help you out. We have listed the most trending research topics for college students.

Microeconomics Research Topics

This branch of economics studies the economic behavior of separate isolated units. Expert economists examine variables that affect economic choices and the markets. Here are some effective themes related to this branch.

  • The impact of labor force engagement on the budget and economy.
  • The impact of changes in income on the choice of an individual.
  • How does the stock market work?
  • Causes and resolutions for the change in the prices of oil.
  • How has globalization caused economic inequality?
  • What is the impact of competition on the prices of products?
  • How has consumption grown over the last decade in a specific country?
  • Inequalities in salary in your country and the causes for it.

Macroeconomics Topics for Research

It is hard to find suitable macroeconomic research topics for most students. Many of them are quite difficult. So, it is hard to research and complete within a specific timeline. Here are some simple research titles.

  • Assess the impact of Brexit on the country.
  • Assess the causes of the recession in the United States in 2010.
  • What was the result of the Russian Federation’s macroeconomics in 2011?
  • Write on the role of banks in our economy.
  • Assess the problems and brainstorm solutions for a country’s macroeconomics.
  • How does unemployment in the US compare to other parts of the world?
  • How is internet connectivity related to workplace productivity?
  • Analyze the principles of classical macroeconomics.

Financial Economics Research Topics for Students

Financial economics studies the usage and distribution of different resources in markets. It uses economic theory to determine how risk, time, opportunity costs, and data can make incentives or disincentives for a specific decision. Some good research topics include:

  • How do mutual funds modify risky strategies as per various incentives?
  • The reaction of financial markets to the election win of Biden.
  • The response of financial markets to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • What has been the impact of IT technologies in the realm of financial services?
  • The impact of corporate governance processes on the capital infrastructure in third world nations.
  • What is behavioral finance and its impact on investing decisions?
  • To what extent does the personality of the investor determine their investment decisions?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the savings among average households.

International Economics Research Topics

This domain studies economic growth, international trade, foreign direct investment, and the like. There are various new topics in economics pertaining to different areas of international economics.

  • Analyze supply chain adjustments to tariff cost shock in the 2018-19 US trade war.
  • Assess the effect of violence during the Mexican Revolution on migration to America.
  • Compare the academic productivity of collaboration between China and America.
  • Analyze the modifying composition of sovereign debt holdings.
  • Analyze price caps on non-renewable resources.
  • How does the rising global financial diversification impact the firm-level and average labor shares?
  • Assess the need for international trade in developing nations.
  • Assess how the Russian invasion has impacted Ukrainian science.

Labour Economics Research Topics for Students

Labor economics is a sub-branch of economics that has substantially grown in the last few decades. Earlier, this field focused on assessing the engagement between workers and firms. It also studied family interactions, crime, and education. Now, it estimates the response of employees and employers to changes in wages, prices, and work conditions. Here are some research topics for students.

  • What variables impact minimum wages and the causes behind their slow growth?
  • Does less tax equal improved labor supply?
  • How do factors such as education, experience, and skills impact wages?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of immigration for the labor market?
  • How has technological advancement improved the overall well-being of the labor force?
  • How does the kind of education you have to impact your employment?
  • Do strikes alter the functioning of the global economy?
  • Does working 35 hours a week lead to more labor productivity?

New Topics in Economics for Research Paper

There are many topics that are trending at the moment which you can explore. These pertain to current economic issues in the economy.

  • Current trends in the entertainment industry in any economy.
  • How does the digital economy manage modern socio-economic relations?
  • What is the constitutional structure of the current Japanese economic system?
  • Is game marketing a novel way of interactive market communication?
  • Assess the electronic economy and cryptocurrencies.
  • Discus modern economic diplomacy.
  • How have digital technologies changed the financial management in restaurants?
  • Analyze basic approaches in the sociology of consumption.

Econometrics Paper Topics

Econometrics is the mathematical and statistical approach that serves as the basis of economic forecasting. Its purpose is to quantify economic phenomena by using mathematics, economic theory, and statistical inference. There are some paper topics for this economics branch.

  • Why is estimating variables necessary?
  • What is the impact of inflation on national savings?
  • How does the interrelationship between religion and ideology affect a nation’s economy?
  • Explore the connection between personal income and life expectancy.
  • The link between poverty and childhood obesity.
  • Can econometrics adequately forecast the future?
  • How has econometrics been helped by randomized experiments?
  • A study of different types of trade patterns and their applications.

Interesting Topics in Urban Economics

Topics in urban economics mainly deal with land and housing markets, growth of cities, and equity issues. We have listed the best urban economics topics for students below.

  • Prices and advantages of land use planning.
  • Assess the factors that led to housing ‘bubbles.’
  • Analyse green buildings and sustainability.
  • Discuss the types of agglomeration that promote robust economic development.
  • Analyze the factors that make a city entrepreneurial.
  • Discuss the extent of earning disparities when looking at housing costs.
  • Will the cities in developed countries lose out in the face of globalization?
  • Can spatial disparities be resolved by IS investments?

Some Guidelines to Use for Effective Research

Economics research is not easy. It takes substantial time and patience. When you have shortlisted a topic for yourself, follow these guidelines to do quality research.

  1. Have a robust knowledge of current literature on your subject. You must understand the existing findings so as to apply them to your topic.
  2. Put your research questions in the first few paragraphs. This way ensures that the reader understands your subject properly.
  3. Define key terms you will include in your paper.
  4. Your statements must be positive and devoid of excessive verbiage.
  5. Write your hypothesis and move forward deductively toward the conclusion.
  6. Work on your mathematical language, as economics paper usually involves writing a lot of formulas.
  7. Always use real-world data.

Concluding Words

These economics research topics for students will help them find the right theme for a great research paper. Here you can get Economics Assignment Help from our highly experienced experts on time. Additionally, you can get more assignment help about more specific topics in detail to make your academic journey more joyful.